Sunday, August 16, 2009

When I went to Tokyo with my Nana over 2 years ago she bought an interesting Keyring made of brown leather with some nice little cow fur patches. We went into this little shop near the JR train station in Ueno and there was a keyring, it was kind of expensive (4000 Yen) and she couldnt decide whether to buy it. Well the next day she bought it and it has lasted her well the time since. She has always had these little fold away keyrings where the keys sit in the middle and are folded up to keep them tucked away and safe.

I was inspired by this interesting design to make some little keyrings of my own using some cute fabrics. The keys sit in the middle and are folded up and tucked away...when in use just flop out the keys. The keys are all tucked away when not use so they arent getting tangled up with your other bag goodies and they arent scratching your sunglasses or phone, and they are made from some very cute fabrics!

These little keyfolds can be found at

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  1. Nice design. I assume it would cut down on jangling and on the keys scratching things very well!