Friday, November 20, 2009

My New Friends of the Bug Kind

I was bringing in my washing this afternoon and spotted a large praying mantis. She was very cute and very interested in my camera and was very pleased when I put her into our bottlebrush tree.

I also spied a large grasshopper who took the liberty of jumping on me and making me scream, so I then put him into the bouganvillea.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Using Public Transport ~Hints and Tips!

As a non-driver I use public transport to get around a lot of the time and there are certainly things you pick up when using public tranny often.

My first post about public tranny is going to focus on Taxi's. My sister caught a taxi home yesterday afternoon and the driver "forgot" to turn the metre on! She has actually caught a taxi home with him before and he has done the same thing. He then charged her about $2-3 more than it actually costs to get home!

Tip One... Check that the metre is on. If it isnt tell the driver or tell him to pull over and let you out. Dont let him or her drive you home as then they will know where you live! make sure you make a complaint about this.

Tip Two... Direct the driver if you know where to go. They will try to take you the longest route and the one with more traffic lights. If you direct the driver they cant take you a route you dont like. If the driver keeps making mistakes tell him to pull over and get out. Again make sure you make a complaint.

Tip Three... make sure the driver isnt The Bone Collector!

Tip Four... Trust your instincts, if the driver looks off dont get in, just pretend you dont need a cab and give it to the old lady behind you. Check the papers the following day for missing old ladies.

Tip Five... Some drivers are really nice and honest and drop off so many people in your family they take you home without you even telling them anything more than your street name! If you catch a cab home from the same rank, same time, same day its likely the same set of drivers are on and you will recognise one you like who wont try to jip you, wont drive you home the long way, & wont kill you and dispose of the body under old railway tracks.

Any more tips on taxis, leave me a comment!