Thursday, May 3, 2012

Etching Brass

My partner and I were having a talk about possibilities of things to make from the drawings I had been doing.  My partner is an electronics maker and has experience with making circuit boards.  Making them involves a bit of etching with chemicals of the copper on the boards.  He suggest we make an one of my drawings into an etched brass "thingy."
First Step above:  Take the image and size it as well as give it thicker, solid lines and touch it up in general.

Second Step:  Put the drawing on some Brass, this is done with a laser printed and some transfer paper (for this kind of thing).

Third Step:  Apply some Green stuff that is an extra barrier on top of the scan.  This photo (above) is the back of the piece which is solid.

Fourth Step:  Make some Etching stuff up and then stand there for almost 2 hrs etching it.  Partner is currently working on a spray etcher to get the process down to 10-15 minuters for up to 50 pieces...

Ohhhh, its almost there!

And done! This photo shows the hand put inside its outer shape.

Voila! Brilliantly Awesome Hand!  Yeh-hes!  Polished up with Ajax!