Sunday, January 22, 2012

On Making Hearts.

The first time I made my old style of heart I was pretty happy with the result. I think the heart was the 2nd or 3rd Body Part I tried to make and the image I worked off was an easier one.

Hearts are one of those things where everyone seems to represent them differently and concentrate on different elements being important. Sometimes it the fat on the front you see first, sometimes its the valves, sometimes the whole heart is all about the veins and arteries feeding it.

I based my new heart design on a diagram that showed the veins and arteries, the chambers and to a lesser extent the valves (they are just kinda hinted at if you know where to look. This New Heart has only been twice and the first two are gifts for a cardiologist and heart surgeon. I hope they love them!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cocoon Caterpillar Friends

I wish I knew what these caterpillars in these cocoons were. I know they are caterpillars who make a cocoon and carry it about with themselves, but I'd like to know their name and what their story is. Why they are carrying around these cocoony caravans?

These caterpillar are pretty tiny, about 1-2mm width each, and the cocoons are 1-1.5cms long with holes at each end (easy to change your direction). They hang out in the downstairs bathroom and come out mostly at night. The night I took this photo there were 6 of them visible. I always move them out of the way of the foot traffic but I'm sure they just hump along back to wherever they were.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm Baaaack.

It certainly has been a L O N G time since I wrote on this blog, heck, the last time was June 6 2010! I have decided to start using it again this year, and for my first new post, a competition! YAY!

The prize is the Sebastian Ghastly Brooch, and the Umbrella Necklace shown in the photo. Who can resist Sebastian Ghastly, this guy is super awesome, look at him preen his footsy. The Umbrella is drawn by me on calico and fixed to felt with a ribbon loop to attach the charm to the nacklace.

To win these just leave a comment. I will randomly choose the winner on Feb 1.

This competition is open to everyone worldwide!