Monday, March 12, 2012

I Like Packet Cake!

Yep! I do really like Packet Cake Mix. Now don't string me up too quickly. I am the first to admit that a lot of packet cake mix does taste a little bit like poison mixed with acid, flour and sugar. I usually just buy the 79c (of is it 69c) HomeBrand cake mix in the vanilla or buttercake. They are great to use as a base when you are doing something where it isn't just a cake. I used a Buttercake mix to make an apple crumb cake. I cooked my own apples and made my own crumb mix and even made custard (it was packet custard though, heck from scratch stovetop custard is poop!) Or Lemon Curd Butterfly Cakes. I made the curd from scratch (and tbh Lemon Butter tastes nicer) and whipped cream and cut out all those cakes.

I only have so much free time, and I like to make more fiddly recipes, so cake from scratch isnt worth the time when a packet mix is an okay stand in.

Two weeks ago Mum picked up two new Packet Mixes from Woolworths, Duncan Hines Brand. This Brand is American, with instructions in both English and Spanish.

She made the Chocolate ones (a crap load of cupcakes!) first. My gosh, these are the best chocolate cakes I have had! The most wonderful thing is how light they are. They were just stunningly light and airy and yet moist and delicious. Mum didn't put on icing and I wouldn't recommend it, icing would ruin them. If you like something with your cake just a dollop of fresh cream.

Today she did the vanilla, as pictured. This cake isnt as nice as the chocolate one but it is still amazingly light and airy yet moist.

In particularly like that the recipe calls for three eggs. From baking with Silkie Eggs I learned that adding extra yolk (silkie eggs are half the weight of regular chook eggs, but the yolk is almost as big, so in baking you'd use two eggs which would give you double yolk) gives a very moist cake.

Anyone else out there like a good Packet Cake Mix? And what are your favourite brands and types?