Monday, January 9, 2012

Cocoon Caterpillar Friends

I wish I knew what these caterpillars in these cocoons were. I know they are caterpillars who make a cocoon and carry it about with themselves, but I'd like to know their name and what their story is. Why they are carrying around these cocoony caravans?

These caterpillar are pretty tiny, about 1-2mm width each, and the cocoons are 1-1.5cms long with holes at each end (easy to change your direction). They hang out in the downstairs bathroom and come out mostly at night. The night I took this photo there were 6 of them visible. I always move them out of the way of the foot traffic but I'm sure they just hump along back to wherever they were.


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  2. This are the larvae of Clothes Moth. We can usually seen them always on our closets. They are the reason why sometimes we are confused where we got the holes in our clothes. :)

  3. whether it is dangerous ?because this insect is causing more disturbens in my home....