Friday, August 28, 2009


I am a Pizza nut these days. I dream about it. But none of that evil Pizza Hut or Dominos, its all about Eagle Boys of the independent pizza restaurants.

My good friend Jo works at Pizza Miltonio at Milton in Brisbane, and she is going to tell us a bit about Pizza!

Tell me a little about Pizza Miltonio?
Jo says: opened 4 years ago. I am an original employee, the only original left. I feel like part of the furniture.

What do you like about working in a Pizza place?
Jo says:
I like meeting the customers.

Simmone says: At least she isnt eating the customers!

What is your favourite Pizza?
Jo says:
Super Supreme

Simmone says: That is what I had, was really excellent! Next time I need to get olives and extra pineapple!

Do you ever skimp on the topping if a customer is mean?
Jo says:
no, I tend to make a pizza extra good if the customer has complained about their previous pizza.

How many times a week do you have pizza??
Jo says:
everyday! well every weekday!

Simmone says: am now convinced I am in the wrong job!

Any advice for Pizza lovers?
Jo says:
choose wisely and enjoy your pizza!

Simmone says: that sounds almost sinister Jo!
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