Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Walking Dead E-Course

Anyone else doing/done The Walking Dead E-Course on Canvas?

I've not had a chance to really sit down with the content so I have been waiting.  Today I had the urge so sat myself down and started to read.

I think this article is absolutely fascinating and so worth a read.

On the main topic, though...

Thinking about Self-Actualisation, the idea of Abraham Maslow is also really interesting. When you pursue a creative enterprise you are often seen to be "living the dream."  The truth is the "dream" is a lot of hard work, stress, frustration and headaches!  Maslow studied people he believed to be self-actualised, but were they?Ghandi, Abe Lincoln, Einstein, Beethoven?  Do you think they felt they had achieved what they wanted? Two of those were assassinated and if they kept working would they have achieved more and how much more did they want to achieve.

Maslow says only 2% of the population self-actualise. So I wonder how many who self-actualise feel they have achieved what they wanted? Do they think they go there, or is it just us, looking at them, who think that?

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