Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Your Organ Grinder in Brisbane

Your Organ Grinder, my little label that is Body Organs, Zombie Brain Worms and other fun bizarre stuff is now available in a retail setting in Brisbane (my home).

The lovely Jo from Bleeding Heart Gallery sent me a little message on Etsy to tell me about the opportunity to stock at Bleeding Heart. Bleeding Heart are just moving along with a little Gift Shop area, which offers space for rent.

Bleeding Heart is the Big Old House next to Mincom at 166 Ann Street, about 2 minutes from Central Station. They also have a Cafe, and of course a gallery, please pop in to this great place and find about a bit about them.


  1. The brain hair clip is cute. Congrats on the deal!

  2. Nice stuff. I like that cute hair clip! Sometimes i don't even know what those organs are that you're making, i mean what the hell is a larynx?!