Thursday, October 22, 2009


My sister came home complaining about how hard to use those new self-serve checkouts are. I have been using them most visits to the local Coles and find it quite easy after having the lady stand there and guide me through it the first time I used them.

last time I was at Coles I didnt want to use them though...In fact I am now having a kind of ethical aversion to them.

These are my reasons

1. Isnt the point of Aldi being cheaper that Coles etc does things for pack your bag, check you out. When Aldi first started this was the idea-no choice, pack your own stuff and they dont supply a bag. So these days Coles are about to make you pay for a bag, make you check yourself out, and they are removing half of their products too so we have to buy that You'll Love Coles shit.

2. No human interaction. I am already loner enough, take away my shopping interactions and I may as well start talking to myself in the shops!

3. Will Coles kids lose their jobs? Even though most check out operators are as useless as a fart in the breeze they still are doing a job that so far needs doing.

4. Those machines screw up and leave customers swearing at them and acting like little children having a tanty at the checkout. I dont really like swearing or adults acting like pathetic little weiners when something wont work and having a go at the service person trying to help.

So despite the convienience and the time saved (I am way more efficient than the real check out peoples) I choose to now avoid using the self service checkouts. And Coles will have me complaining at them if the 12 items of less checkouts are left unmanned (as they were when I was last there).


  1. Here Here! I agree with your important points raised.

  2. I NEVER use it when my daughter is with me. She always wants to scan everything... sometimes scanning it twice. You've made me see the light now...what you've said is soooo true!

  3. That is so funny about your daughter ilovestitches! I'm sure Coles are happy for her to do that!